The event will take place the last full weekend of July. For the current year, operating days will be July 30th and 31st, 2022. The operating periods will be each day from 1400utc until 2200utc. Parks within the state open at 1200utc and will close at dusk. This will give each operator plenty of time to setup before the event, and tear down before the park closes.

This event is fore all Radio Amateurs, regardless of Tennessee residency. If you reside in Tennessee, you can activate from a park, or operate from home. If you're outside the state or a DX station, you can participate as well! We also even have a category for Technician Class operators!

Operator Categories

Location Category:

  1. Operate from inside a Tennesse Park
  2. Operate from inside Tennessee, but not in a park
  3. Operate from outside of Tennesse, including DX

Power Class:

  1. QRP (Less than 10 watts)
  2. Low Power (100 watts or less, but greater than 10 watts)
  3. High Power (Greater than 100 watts)

Operator Class:

  1. Single Operator (1 operator makes all contacts & logging, and only 1 transmitted signal)
  2. Multi-Operator (2 or more operators, and more than one transmitter)
  3. Technician Only (Tech Operator makes all contacts, can use logging assistance, 1 transmitted signal)


Certificates will be awarded to the top 3 operators in each category. Other awards, certificates, etc. may be given if sponsored.

For full list of information, rules, and Park locations, see the RULES Tab. As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at info@tnpota.com